Real Estate Playa Del Carmen – Condos vs. Land

When buying real estate in Playa del Carmen, there are usually two main property types to consider – condos or land. While both pose considerable benefits, they can definitely differ in many considerations. Here is a comparison of each real estate type.

Truthfully, condos are the more popular options for Playa del Carmen real estate. High-rise beachfront condos offer splendid views of the white sand and turquoise shores of the beach. Playa del Carmen is exceptionally famous for its beaches so choosing to live right beside it will make waking up in the morning all the more enticing.

Aside from what nature can provide, condos also come with a number of amenities such as lounge areas, pools, gyms, and even underground parking. Most of these services will only require a monthly maintenance fee that is usually of minimal cost. Home owners will then not have to worry about the maintenance works and costs of managing a condo unit.

The best thing about condos is the hassle-free ownership owning one provides. Condos are basically ready-to-use without needing too much to think about or consider. However, a condo option will provide you with a limited amount of space, which may not be ideal for some people.

Although most homes and villas in Playa del Carmen are found at the back portion of the beach, there are still some available spots that make great beachfront homes. These seem to be the more luxurious ones with an exceptionally luxurious price attached to them, though, so be warned. Luckily, owning land three to five blocks from the beachfront still provides more or less the same luxuries a beachfront home can provide.

Owning land has the highest appreciation potential as growth is expected to come quickly. In addition, you can have your home custom built exactly the way you want it to be. In any way you want, you will be able to attain your dream home.

Unless you opt for a beachfront property, owning actual land will most likely mean living nearer the downtown area without being too far from the beach. Downtown offers plenty of businesses and services of its own with malls, plenty of restaurants, and huge international stores. The best part about living in the downtown area is that most of it are just within walking distance of each other.

The best thing about owning a home real estate is the possibility of buying fixer-upper homes. Playa del Carmen is a fairly new developing city with some earlier homes that are in need of renovation. Buyers can then enjoy a beautiful Playa del Carmen home at a fraction of the price.

There are growing numbers in both condo and land real estate types, which means choosing one or the other will lead to plenty of property options. In addition, most of these properties are very well priced. Beyond that, choosing either one of them will pose a very good investment opportunity.

Both home and land real estate options are excellent choices to consider when buying an estate in Playa del Carmen. It will all boil down to what kind of lifestyle the buyer prefers along with budget constraints to consider. Do not settle for anything less and make sure to buy the type of real estate in Playa del Carmen you have always wanted.