8 Possible Career Options for an Information Technology Degree Graduate

Identify eight possible jobs graduates of Information Technology degrees may consider with a brief description of each career option.

An information technology degree offers education involving all necessary aspects dealing with computers and the growing technological innovations associated with it. As a well-trained IT professional with a degree, you have an endless list of career paths to consider. Here are but some of the most popular choices to think about.

1. Network Analysts – Network engineering is a specialized field of information technology.
The core aspects of a computer network are what network analysts deal with.
Creating, configuring, maintaining, and monitoring network equipment can be quite tedious as network analysts are also responsible for network design and security.

2. Computer Programmers – Students with a degree in IT or computer science are skilled enough for basic computer programming.
Graduates are then equipped to develop programs for a diverse range of businesses.
Most computer programmers work freelance so people who value their time well will see a career in computer programming as quite attractive.

3. Software Designer – Software design is one of the most common fields graduates of IT degrees go into after graduation.
Software designers are usually entry-level positions that work as part of a team in developing new software.
Tech companies that constantly hire new candidates include mobile Internet software and computer security companies.

4. Graphic Designer – Computers are not only limited to hardware equipment but also work on all kinds of images, printing, and electronic media as well.
Graphic designers are essentially tasked to assemble appropriate images, motion graphics, and typography to provide a complete and attractive graphic design.
IT degrees may only be sufficient for entry-level jobs in graphic designing, so the additional experience is needed for advanced leveled jobs.

5. Web Designer – Website planning, creating, and assembling are all tasks associated with a web designer.
Web designers are not only responsible for the aspects of a website but the programming required of it as well.
Web designers should then be well familiar with HTML, CSS, XML, and even Java Script.

6. Digital Content Creation – Information Technology can be one of the most fun and most exciting careers, especially when digital content enters the picture.
Creative IT graduates will already have the skills to create their own video games.
Although this may be hard work, imagine playing video games as a lifelong career of yours and you will see the difference that it makes.

7. Computer Developers and Researchers – There are IT degree graduates who are not quite hands-on when it comes to developing software.
There are then a significant number of graduates who find interest in assisting in technological research projects and how they relate to computers.
Entry-level positions are constantly open in such related fields but a master’s degree in information technology can open up a number of managerial and administrative positions such as computer developers and researchers.

8. Troubleshooter / Customer Service / IT Administrator – One of the best things about attaining a degree in information technology is that graduates can enter any company they wish regardless of their nature.

All companies, corporations, and organizations nowadays make use of computers to facilitate business.
There will always be a need for that one person that will troubleshoot computer systems when problems arise within organizations.

Earning an information technology degree is hard work, and so is looking for jobs when you graduate. However, as new technical innovations are produced, relevant jobs are created as well. Be part of the expanding IT world and earn your IT degree today.